Release Notes 144

What's new


We're releasing new APIs:

  • User Management APIs — simplifying and automating your user workflows. Easily invite, organize, and provision users. Enjoy centralized user info, enhanced security, and analytics. Learn more here.
  • Add-ons APIs:
    • Retrieve Add-ons for Offers API. Access partner catalogs for offers programmatically. Simplify marketplace integration.
    • Retrieve Add-ons for Subscriptions API. Effortlessly retrieve subscription details. Enable seamless subscription changes.
  • Order Notes API:
    • Easily add text-based notes to orders for better organization.
    • Include special instructions, customer details, or any relevant information. Notes are visible to all users with access to the order, ensuring collaboration.
    • Customize permissions and access levels for different users.

Integrate these APIs to streamline workflows and enhance your marketplace. Get started on our developer portal.


As an admin of your platform, you can now enable and configure webhooks for notification events to notify your users from your own email or messaging service. You can also use webhooks to automate follow-up actions in your ERP or CRM based on events in the platform.

We also added several completely new events that our customers found very important to power most typical integrations. Here are some:

  • New subscription synced
  • Product catalog changed
  • List of offers under product changed

To start using these webhooks:

  1. Open Notification settings on your platform
  2. Find the event you need
  3. Toggle the webhook ON
  4. Configure webhook settings and save

If you're already using webhooks via early access, you will enjoy improvements to subscription-related events based on your feedback. You will now find extra identifiers for related objects such as organizations, orders and more for the following events:

  • Subscriptions - changes failed
  • Subscriptions - changes successful
  • Subscriptions - order placed
  • Subscriptions - provisioning failed
  • Subscriptions - provisioning successful

If you find other important data that you need in webhooks, feel free to send us your idea.


We added crucial subscription cost information in multiple reports:

  • Credit Risk Report now includes Seller Cost values. This will help partners that sell directly to customers assess cost-side risks in one place.
  • Azure Usage Report for partners now includes both Suggested Retail Price and Cost.

Customer onboarding

Partners can now onboard Google customers more easily:
  • We added a setting to create a customer organization automatically when a new user logs in with their Google account.
  • It happens only during their first login.
  • Organization profile details are created based on:
    • Details from the user's Google account, when possible,
    • Country of the partner as an alternative option,
    • Sample data when no other way is possible.

This automation is optional. To enable it on your platform, please send us your request to

Fixes and tweaks

  • Fixed users seeing offers in search results even when the offer was hidden under its parent product in the catalog by the seller;
  • Fixed issue for legacy offers pricing not being able to edit decimal point straight away.


This update went live on June 22, 2023.

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