Release Notes 147

Updated on Aug 9


For a while now your Microsoft customers have been able to cancel initial purchases of NCE subscriptions. Starting with this update, users will be able to make use of all other cancellations supported by Microsoft under NCE. These include:
  • Initial purchase or upgrade after recent purchase. This will cancel your subscription entirely.
  • Recent renewal or upgrade after recent renewal. This will cancel your subscription entirely.
  • Recent quantity increase. This will create a change order with a reduction the quantity.
You can cancel such recent actions from your subscription page. Here's what you need to know:
  1. If cancellations are available, you will see a new Cancellation Policy notice on your subscription page. It will contain the list of items you can cancel and a button for each.
  2. If you don't see such notice, then no cancellations are available at that time.
  3. You may not be able to cancel recent actions if:
    1. There is another order already in progress. Wait for it to complete first.
    2. There is a non-renewal order scheduled on a "custom date". Wait for it to complete first or cancel it. No need to cancel orders scheduled "after renewal/commitment".

What's new

Vendor integrations - subscription upgrade validation

When the customer upgrades their subscription to another offer and saves changes, the platform will now ask the vendor to verify the selected configuration prior to placing the order. Here are the major benefits:
  1. Vendors that support such integration will stop receiving orders they cannot provision.
  2. Customers will no longer need to learn about unique upgrade restrictions of the vendor. They will be warned and educated in the process.
  3. Customer's orders that pass prior verification will be successfully provisioned with much higher certainty.
As a vendor of your own services, you can also add such verification step to the automatic provisioning integration on the offer settings page.
NCE upgrades will be integrated with the new capability in the future releases.

Userlane training content for pricing plans

If you already use Userlane with your platform, you can now add onboarding and training content to pages with pricing plans. It will help people in your organization who manage configurations and pricing for their own offers. Highlight the most important field settings, explain how to configure commitments, remind of restrictions and rules they should add, and so on.


The platform will now help users avoid accidental changes to subscriptions. When you save changes on subscription page with an increase in price of 100% or more, you will now see a warning that allows you to confirm or cancel.
We are planning to release these updates on August 10, 2023.

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