Release Notes 164

Easier renewals

We made multiple changes to help you track and manage your renewals:

  • We now send subscription anniversary reminders for both renewing and expiring subscriptions.
  • There are now 3 reminders: 65, 30 and 7 (new) days before anniversary.
  • The notification comes with better details and instructions.

For more details on the  Renewals Notification read Subscription Auto Renewal

  • Subscriptions section (Advanced view) now has an additional "Renew" column, which is visible by default.

As a result, here's all you need to do to never miss a renewal.

Review upcoming anniversaries from the reminder:

  1. Receive automatic reminder with the list of upcoming anniversaries
  2. Review all essential details right inside the email to inform and make your decision
  3. Click on the subscription to manage it

Review all other upcoming anniversaries by going one step back to all subscriptions (Subscriptions section, Advanced view):

  1. Filter Active subscriptions by "Status" column
  2. Show upcoming anniversaries by sorting "Expires On" column
  3. Check "Renew" column and enable/disable renewal status where necessary
  4. Check "Scheduled changes" column for changes that are to apply on renewal

Rename on upgrade

After you upgrade your subscription to another offer, the name of the subscription is updated automatically to match the new offer. This should emphasize successful renewal on the UI and in the reports, as well as recognize corresponding invoice lines with the now-matching name from the vendor.

For more details on the Rename on upgrade read How to Upgrade/Downgrade subscriptions?


  • Added a toggle between Margin and Markup in reports.
  • Added new External Subscription ID column in Advanced view of Subscriptions section (hidden by default).
  • Added columns to Invoice details:
    • "Invoice Reference #" in both Incoming and Outgoing invoices
    • "Tax Invoice" in Outgoing invoices only

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