Release Notes 46

If you haven’t been actively optimizing your product catalog and prices, then it’s a perfect time to get started thanks to the new tools we’re introducing with this release.
The top 4 things you will be able to do:

  • Define customer segments and tailor catalog for the type of customer you have
  • Tag your products for customers to find what they need more easily
  • Manage prices in bulk by creating markups for vendors and custom offer groups
  • Run campaigns and visually display special prices

We also introduced a new Settings section and a few extra quality-of-life things to simplify your
daily tasks. 

Features included in the release:

Title Description Customers

Customer Segmentation

Want to show different products to different customers? You can now have a totally separate catalog of available products and categories for each segment you define.


Markup for offer groups


Want to adjust the price for your "November Promotion" offers or adjust markup on multiple offers in general? Now you can create custom groups of offers and set pricing for these groups! Great new way for bulk price management and campaigns.


Mark markups as special price (badge)

Want to promote offers with a special price during your campaign? Toggle "Special price" when you create markup to display a special badge to the customer (works extra well with markups for offer groups)!


Add custom tags to products



In addition to categories now you can tag products with custom keywords like "promotion", "productivity" etc., which customers can browse and filter by. Use it for catalog management or in combination with "Special price" badge to run campaigns (works extra well with markups for offer groups)!


Create markups with overlapping future dates

Now you can add new markup on dates for which you had already created markup before. The system will simply ask you to confirm overwriting.


Navigation update - new Settings section

We added a new Settings section, where you can upload custom T&C, edit footer, add support contacts to login page, change theme colors and more!


Email notification when end-customer switches to seller in MSPC

A customer switched to you as his new seller in MSPC? Now you will be notified about this wonderful event.


ERP ID column in organizations list

Know all your customers' ERP IDs by heart? You can now see it and search/filter organizations on the "Select organization" page.


Limit target price field during checkout to non-consumption offers only

As an Account Manager, you would sometimes see "Target price" for consumption-based offers. Now you will only see this field in the configuration of non-consumption offers.



Bugs fixed in this release

Title Description Customer
User invites - only user with "Users" group can be invited Sometimes you wouldn't see all available permissions to give to a new user upon invite. We fixed that. Sellers/End-customers
Offer Limit feature bug Sometimes customer could order more of the same offer than the limit allows. Now limit always applies. End-customers
Can't scroll sidebar in catalog If you have many categories in your catalog, sometimes you wouldn't be able to scroll the sidebar to see them all. We fixed that. Sellers/End-customers
Issues logging in with Live ID We fixed occasional issues some of you experienced logging in with Live ID. Sellers/End-customers


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