Reseller Report

Reseller report will allow you to oversee the information about your Sellers.

2. Apply Filters  Price Category / Create Date / Reseller/ Price category/ Account Manager/ Mpn ID/ Reseller country - to view the necessary information.
3. Select Focus mode to see the list of Sellers in a wider view.


The following information about Sellers can be seen/viewed:


  1. Internal ID
  2. Reseller
  3. Status
  4. MPN ID
  5. ERP ID
  6. VAT Number
  7. Registration Number
  8. Price Category
  9. Create Date (UTC)
  10. Country
  11. Address
  12. Users & Emails addresses
  13. Primary Contact name
  14. Primary Contact email
  15. Primary Contact Phone
  16. Platform URL
  17. Updated On

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