Reports overview

Have an overview and insight into your business with a detailed Report module. Reports are created in the PowerBI application. The following reports can be viewed: 

  1. SKUs Price List
  2. Reseller Customers
  3. Distributor Sellers
  4. PO reports
  5. SO reports
  6. TEST SKUs Price List


Read more about each section, by clicking on the respective link indicated above.

a. Offers name - Offers can be filtered by name one, several, or All.

b. Product family - can be filtered.

c. Vendors by name - can be filtered. 

d. Offer status - can be filtered by selecting the checkbox.

e. Offer catalog status - can be filtered: In catalog, Missing information, Ready for catalog.

f. License Agreement type - can be filtered: Select All, Education, Government, Nonprofit, Privet Bussiness.

g. Usage Country - can be filtered by country.


All data can be easily exported (as an excel file): click on three dots (...) in the corner of the section and select "Export data". Excel file will be downloaded to your computer.


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