Reports overview

Have an overview and insight into your business with a detailed Report module. Reports are created in the PowerBI application. The following reports can be viewed: 

  1. Distributor Revenue Overview
  2. Distributor Revenue Trend
  3. Product Overview
  4. Product Sales Trend
  5. Key Measure Forecast
  6. Decomposition Tree Analysis
  7. Reseller Report Revenue overview
  8. Reseller Report Revenue by customer
  9. Reseller Report 
  10. Customer Report
  11. Purchase Order Report
  12. Subscription Report
  13. Price list Report
  14. Dictionary Report
  15. NCE Price list report
  16. disti_1.png

Read more about each section, by clicking on the respective link indicated above.

a. Invoice date- can be filtered,  when selecting a certain year in one visual, also filters other visuals.

b. Can be filtered by a specific Reseller.

c. Can be filtered by a specific Customer.

d. Vendors by name - can be filtered. 

e. Product by name can be filtered. By selecting a specific Product you can see the top customers, the cost per month, and the count of subscriptions over time for the selected product.

f. Offer - can be filtered by selecting the checkbox.

g. Offer type - can be filtered by selecting the checkbox.

h. Currency - When selecting Euro, the currency will be displayed in euro under the Top customers by revenue section. When selecting an invoice- the currency will be displayed on customers' currency. 

i. When selecting the info icon, the current message will display "This report shows billing data for the last 14  months. dates are grouped by billing period end date, which is different from the invoice date. Please see the knowledge base article for more information".

j. Link directs to knowledge base article link.

k. The button resets the filter reports.

l. The next page will be accessed.

All data can be easily exported (as an excel file): click on three dots (...) in the corner of the section and select "Export data". Excel file will be downloaded to your computer.


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