Purchase Order Report

Purchase order report - the view will allow you to see a list of the orders made and the related prices.

It has 4 filter groups with different filtering conditions:

1. Basic - Provisioned Date, Reseller, Customer, Vendor, Reseller Country


2. Subscriptions - Vendor, Subscription, Auto Renew Enabled, Trial, Microsoft NCE, Subscription Start Date


3. Organizations - Reseller, Customer, Vendor, Reseller Country


4. Offers - Vendor, Product, Offer, Offer Type, Trial, Microsoft NCE, Custom Offer Properties



The following information is presented in this report:

  1. Reseller Country
  2. Reseller Name
  3. Reseller ERP ID
  4. Customer name
  5. SKU code
  6. SKU description
  7. Currency
  8. Billing Frequency
  9. Distributor Unit Cost
  10. Reseller Unit Cost
  11. Quantity
  12. Distributor Total Cost
  13. Reseller Total Cost
  14. Provisioned Date 

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