Credit Risk Report


Introducing the Credit Risk Report, a valuable tool designed to keep you informed about the latest updates in the overall financial obligations of your customers or resellers for Microsoft NCE and other subscription services.

With this report, you'll gain enhanced control over credit risk exposure, empowering you to make timely decisions within the vendor-supported cancellation period, such as the 7-day window for Microsoft NCE subscriptions.

AppXite has been diligently working on various enhancements to promote transparency in the Microsoft CSP NCE sales process, and this report stands as one of the many improvements we've implemented.


General view of the report

  1. Select the required filter group;
  2. Select the time period for which you would like to see the subscription changes;
  3. Use filters to filter required data;
  4. Select the subscription commitment and required currency
  5. Subscriptions with recent changes - previous quantity, new quantity, total commitment changes, and subscription type;
  6. Remaining commitment for the selected customers;
  7. Order items with recent changes for the selected subscriptions.

 The report has several filter groups, each with its own filters.

Basic - includes filters Reseller, Customer.
Organizations - includes filters Reseller, Customer, Vendor, Reseller Country.
Subscriptions - includes filters Vendor, Subscription, Auto Renew Enabled, Microsoft NCE
Offers - includes filters Vendor, Product, Offer, Microsoft NCE

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