Export templates for solutions

Appxite offers the possibility to export the platform data already tailored to fit the external invoicing solutions.

!Note at the moment this is supported for Xero solution. If you are interested in having an additional solutions to be added to the Export template list, please submit the request via ideas.appxite.com for review.


How to export the template?

Go the Report section of the portal 


On the bottom selector find the section "Export templates".mceclip1.png

Follow the steps below to export the data


  1. Open selector to choose the template for exporting
  2. Choose the template
  3. Click on the arrow to generate the report.


Once the report is generated, the following actions can be done:

  1. Select the time period you would like to generate the invoice;
  2. Select customer
  3. If required, select Custom for 'Invoice and Due Dates' filter and choose custom values.
  4. Click on three dots > Export data !Note hoover with mouse to the right upper corner of data to have the three dots displayed.
  5. A pop-up window will appear. Choose the format you would like to export
  6. Press "Export"
  7. export_templates_screenshot_2.png

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