Key Measure Forecast

The following reports can be found on the Distributor platform by following this link 

After logging into the Distributor platform choose the reseller you are looking for as shown below in the screenshot:


After the reseller has been chosen, click the Reports link as shown in the screenshot below:


1. Apply filters - Invoice date/Reseller/Customer/Vendors/Product/Offer/Subscription/Custom Offer Properties/Offer type/Subscription Start Date/Currency/ - to select the offer you want to view.


2. Key Measure Forecast - the view will allow you to see prices and other details for the vendor offers.

The forecast tool shows the forecast for the next 3 months based on past invoiced data within an 85% confidence interval identifying seasonality if applicable. The grey area indicates where the future revenue or cost is likely to be in 85% of all cases.

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