Release Notes 66

In this release, we added two amazing features we have been working on for some time.

The first one is the Notification settings. Now, as a seller admin, you can toggle all notifications sent out by your platform ON or OFF. Changes are applied immediately. Moreover, you can change who receives the notification in each case by specifying TO, CC and BCC contacts using a different kind of recipients:
1. Organization contact (e.g. Primary contact).
2. All users of a certain role (e.g. all Account Managers).
3. Specific platform user.
4. Completely custom email address.
The same feature is available to distributors, and their settings are applied to all their sellers by default until sellers customize further to their own preferences. 

The second feature is the ability for your customers to work with their preferred local currency e.g. see prices and pay invoices in CHF, while you as a seller have EUR as your primary currency. As a seller, you will have an option to enable the feature (disabled by default) and select which currencies you want to support. The currency is converted using the very latest rates from the European Central Bank. We are planning to also let you as a seller customize the rates in the near future.

Release details

Title Description Who benefits?
Notification settings Toggle notifications ON/OFF for specific events and define TO, CC and BCC recipients. Distributor,
Currency exchange Allow your customers to work with their local currency. All prices and invoices will be converted using ECB as an exchange rate source. Seller,

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