Release Notes 81, 82

a) Integrate Custom FX rate provider.
As a seller, you can now integrate your own FX rate provider of choice using our Partner API. Alternatively, can simply send your own custom currency exchange rates from your other system using the same API. Feel free to contact for access.

b) Setting for supported billing cycles.
As a distributor or seller, you can select which billing cycles should be available to your customers. When configuring an offer, the customer will only be able to select the billing cycles you enabled. If an offer doesn’t have any of the billing cycles you enabled, it will be hidden.
c) Verify pricing plan and configuration form for your offer
When onboarding your offers, you can now check if you set up the pricing plan and configuration form correctly before you save and publish. At the last step, simply fill in the form with the configuration you want to test and click “Test-buy”. You will see the exact prices (or configuration error messages) the customer will see.
d) Platform branding improvements.
Moreover, configuration forms of your offers will now use your brand colors from platform settings. This will mostly affect your own offers, but in the future, we will apply the same effect to offers from other vendors as well. We also made color settings simpler and more consistent. Now you can simply select one brand color as Theme color in Settings, and the platform will automatically pick its variants for button hovers and other interactions.
e) Manage catalog and prices through segments.
As a seller, you will now need to select the customer segment that you want to manage the catalog for. As a distributor, the same applies to manage catalogs and prices for any seller segment.

Release details

Title Description Who benefits?
Custom FX rate provider Integrate your own source for FX rates as a seller Seller
The setting for supported billing cycles Choose which billing cycles should be available to your customers Distributor, seller
Validate offer configuration Check if you set up the pricing plan or configuration
form for your offer correctly
Vendor, MSP
Simplified color settings Set your single brand color as a Theme color and forget Seller
Brand colors in configuration forms Offer configuration forms now use your Theme color Seller
Seller creation delay warning 30-minute delay warning after the seller is created Distributor

Manage catalog and prices through segments

Small navigation change that now requires selecting
the segment.
Distributor, seller


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