Release Notes 113, 114

What is new?

In this release we have delivered key bugfixes added small improvements to the platform, such as inherited login options to optimize your seller management and updates to subscription level markup logic.


Configuration management:

The login options and whitelisted domains configured in the settings of the Distributor platform, now will be inherited to the corresponding subordinate seller platforms under them. The seller may still override it on their platform by customizing their own settings.

We are also bringing back the UI for domain whitelisting that has been hidden for the duration of the work on these improvements.

UPDATE: on 28/04 Domain whitelisting has been removed.


Price management:

Changes to subscription markup now will apply to the current billing cycle and its respective invoice. In comparison, subscription markup changes were applied to the price only starting with the next subscription billing cycle if mark-up was applied after charge starte date.

  • Fixed issue with occasional page crash when changing subscription markup;

  • Fixed issue with wrong preview price sometimes displayed when adding markup for an offer;
  • Fixed issue with "Terms of Use" pop-up message sometimes appearing when updating the subscription markup;
  • Fixed issue with "An error occurred" message appearing when creating a markup setting for a specific customer;
  • Fixed incorrect price for "Microsoft 365 E3" that was caused due to a 1-day error in effective dates;
  • Fixed incorrect April price for "Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing Select Dial-Out" product;
  • Fixed occasional webpage crashes when opening subscription page as a Subscription Manager.

Invoice & Billing

  • Fixed issue with charge period dates in invoices not matching for some Microsoft subscriptions;

  • Fixed issue with some trial subscriptions having incorrect billing cycle;
  • Fixed visual issue where "Total charges" section in invoice lines occasionally had more than 2 numbers displayed.


  • Fixed edge cases in which some subscriptions could fail to synchronize from MSPC under the intended organization.

Catalog management

  • Fixed issue with product category names in catalog in some cases not updating.


  • Fixed issue where Account Managers sometimes couldn't access Reports section in the platform - blank page is shown instead of displaying reports.

Vendor management

Now it's faster and more convenient to start using your IBM Cloud offers. After you indicate the admin email in configuration during purchase, you will receive feature codes to start using the purchased services. Previously the activation code was sent to CMP providers primary contact.

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