Release Notes 115

Release 115 was rolled out on 17/05/2022

What is new?

In this release, we are focusing on updates to the Subscriptions&orders section, several notification improvements, major updates to Organization management, as well as multiple bugfixes. Organization management updates are available via separate link for our customers to get accustomed to the new changes before it is fully integrated into the platform.


Subscriptions & orders:

When updating a subscription name in the platform, it will now update immediately without having to confirm with the vendor, as previously. This change is made in order to prevent the subscription name change reverting to the original name after the synchronization from Microsoft Partner center. Please note:
  1. Changes are no longer synchronized with the vendor (e.g., Microsoft Partner Center);
  2. This also means various restrictions from the vendor no longer apply, and you can change the name of any subscription at any time.
  3. If you change the subscription name and status/configuration on the same order, the subscription name will be successfully updated even if the vendor fails to provision other changes.
  • Fixed issue that did not allow to change the subscription configuration when scheduling changes for the next term after the renewal.
  • Fixed issue with "500 error" message appearing sometimes when creating a new offer.



As a seller, you can now require their customers to explicitly accept every new version of their Terms & Conditions. You can enable it in Settings. Every time you upload a new version of the file, Customers and Customer admins will see the mandatory step to accept it the next time they are on the platform.

We added more notifications to review your subscriptions before they renew or expire. Each notification now also reminds to review a few key things: renewal status, configuration, and price, as well as the PO number that may need an update for the new term.

  • Fixed issue with incorrect prices being displayed in order-related notifications despite the price being correct in the platform and invoice.
  • Fixed issue with customers being able to close Terms & condition popup window without accepting it.
  • Fixed cases when real users accidentally received test email notifications with "SendWithUs Test" in subject field (bug fixed on 05/05).


Invoicing & Billing

  • Fixed issue with billing cycle of subscriptions sometimes being incorrectly updated during the synchronization with Microsoft Partner Center.

Organization Management:

Major upgrades to organizations section!
!Note Organization management updates are available via separate link for our customers to get accustomed to the new changes before they are fully integrated into the platform. Knowledge base articles will be updated once the functionalities are fully rolled out.
As a vendor or senior partner with many junior partners, you can now do the following:
  1. View all partners and end-customers in one place across all the platforms you have access to.
  2. For each organization, view their junior partners in one click. Repeat until you reach the end-customer.
  3. Switch to the platform of any partner with one click. You can even jump immediately to subscription or a specific customer of that partner. 
  4. Filter all partners by vendor ecosystem (i.e., vendors whose services they buy), who they buy them from or sell them to.
  5. Find and identify the right organization more easily using:
    • Organization type, External ID and Segment columns
    • Organization type filter
    • Search by External ID and Segment
  6. Access the page to create a new partner directly from the Organizations section
The above also benefits partners that work directly with the end-customers. If you are among such, you will also be able to do the following:
  1. If you have multiple platforms (e.g., one per each country you operate in), you can switch between platforms with one click. You can even jump to a specific customer or their subscriptions on another platform with one click.
  2. Additionally to all the new ways to navigate and find organizations, you can search end-customers by tenant domain.

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