Release Notes 118

Release 118 was rolled out on 29/06/2022


What is new?

In this release, we are focusing on Subscription section -  bringing minor upgrades to improve the usability and numerous bugfixes.

Additionally, we are adding the option to export data more conveniently to Xero solution.


Orders & Subscriptions

Subscription page will now remember the most recent filters settings that you had used in the previous session so you could pick up from where you left off. For example, if you filter the view to see only Active subscriptions, the next time you log in to the portal, you will see only Active subscriptions. The filter settings can be changed at any time.

Subscription status naming in the filter view now will match the UI view - when filtering the subscriptions by the status, the dropdown options now will show "Active" and "Suspended" instead of "Enabled" and "Disabled".

  • Fixed issue with occasionally error page appearing when updating a subscription markup as a distributor;
  • Fixed issue with canceled purchase orders incorrectly suspending the subscription instead of deleting it entirely;
  • Fixed issue with subscription change scheduling popup not showing "after renewal/commitment" option when opening it for the second time;
  • Fixed issue with promotion prices sometimes being calculated inaccurately;
  • Fixed issue with prices from vendor and partner occasionally were not visible in the price summary table on the offer configuration page.



AppXite has extended easy-to-use capabilities to manage data from platform in Xero solution. 
If you use Xero for invoicing, now you can easily get the subscription invoice data from the platform into your Xero solution. All you need to do is open the newly added report "Export Templates", select the template for Xero and export the data in the format required for Xero.

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