Release Notes 119

Release 119 was released on 07/07/2022

What's new?

In this release we continue bringing UI improvements and bugfixes for Subscriptions, and launching Credit Risk report to increase the transparency and control of Microsoft NCE sales amount.


We have released Credit Risk Report that will allow you to monitor recent changes in the total amount your customers have committed for Microsoft NCE and other subscriptions. 
This report will substantially improve the management of credit risk exposure and enable partners to take action within the cancelation period supported by Vendors e.g., 7 days for Microsoft.

Subscriptions & Orders

We have added small UI improvement for Subscription section - we renamed the column name from "Price"  to "Regular price" and added an informational tooltip "This field shows price for the next full billing period at the current configuration. If you change status, quantity or other details mid-period, check the invoice for the actual amount to pay.


  • Fixed issue with pricing plans sometimes displaying incorrect starting date to the vendor of the offer;
  • Fixed error message in some cases appearing when attempting to edit subscription;
  • Fixed issue with inaccurate billingType information appearing in Reporting API.
Catalog management
  • Fixed issue with occasionally missing product category names in the catalog.

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