Release Notes 165

Adobe 3-year commitment

Migrate customers with commitment

We've previously released APIs to migrate your customers to VIP MP. You can find more information about this release here.

It was limited to customers without commitment. Now, you can use the same APIs to retrieve, validate and migrate customers with 3-year commitments. As a result of successful migration, you will see:

  1. Subscriptions added under each migrated customer, with correct commitment and co-term date applied.
  2. Commitment itself represented in a form of a separate subscription with a corresponding name - "3-year commitment for licenses" or "3-year commitment for consumables".

Manage commitment in platform

After migration, customers can fully manage the separate "3-year commitment" subscriptions just like any other:

  1. Open to see Adobe account benefits information such as: commitment term, minimum committed volume, and re-commitment
  2. Update committed volume
  3. Enable or disable re-commitment

All changes will automatically sync to their Adobe account.

Customers that don't have the 3-year commitment yet can enable it by purchasing the "3-year commitment for licenses/consumables" offers. Once provisioned, they too will receive all respective benefits on future orders.

Benefits-based price integration

When determining the price of an offer, your platform will now additionally check customer benefits directly in their Adobe account. This extra verification will run when you migrate a customer, buy a new offer or update an existing subscription.

For more details on the Adobe 3-year commitment read Adobe 3-Year Commitment  article.

Update to new Organizations section

We implemented various improvements to the new Organizations section based on user feedback. The most notable ones are:

  • Can toggle to only show organizations from the current platform (as opposed to all platforms you have access to). Enabled by default.
  • Can choose columns to display. Your choice is remembered.

For more details on the Update to new Organizations section read Advanced Organizations View article.


Fixes and tweaks

  • Subscription page now only shows the upgrades that the customer is eligible to based on their country and industry.
  • Fixed an issue with users occasionally missing in the "Created By" column filter for orders.
  • The API for detailed invoice data now also returns MeterName that specifies which usage meter the invoice line is for. It will help understand invoice lines for subscriptions that use multiple meters.
  • New platforms will now have a 0% soft and hard limit in default customer prices. Users can still change them as before.


Adobe updates will be rolled out gradually over the next week.

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