Release Notes 171


We are excited to announce the launch of the Co-terming functionality in the AppXite platform, designed to streamline the management of multiple subscriptions by aligning billing cycles and renewals. This feature allows customers to synchronize billing cycles to a single renewal date, calculate prorated charges automatically, and choose flexible co-terming options accessible through their self-service portal. 

Learn more: Subscription Coterminosity


New Integration Triggers on Subscription's Renewal/Expiry Date

Now vendors can trigger action on the Renewal/Expiry Date of subscriptions when creating a new offer. Vendors can create sequences in AppXite product management, trigger changes in their external environments (outside the platform), or send communication to the relevant customers or partners.

This operation in AppXite Integrations (AXI) called "Renewals" can be enabled/disabled using a configuration in the UI of product management, on a per-offer basis.

Learn more: How to create new offers 


New Role - 360 Report Viewer

Recently AppXite released a new 360 Report for roles Distributor Admin, Seller Admin, Super Admin by default. In this report, these users can see data for all organizations they have access to with these roles, regardless of the platform they are on. To help these users share the report with others and to help them limit their own report's scope, a new role is added - “360 Report Viewer”.
Learn more: User Permissions and Roles

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