Release Notes 76 & 77

In this release, we are adding several highly-requested features for distributors, sellers, and customers.

1.1 Purchase order (PO) numbers
As a buyer (e.g. a customer buying from a seller or a seller buying from a distributor), add your default PO number to your contract and see it in invoice data for all subscriptions that will be purchased under this contract. When a new subscription is created, its PO number is created from the default PO number of the contract through which the subscription was purchased. Changing the contract’s default PO number affects all future subscriptions but leaves PO numbers of existing subscriptions unaffected.
2.1 Charge full commitment amount upfront
As a vendor or MSP, you already had an option to offer the customer an option to commit to using your service for a certain period in exchange for a discount. Now, you can also offer the customer to pay for the full commitment period in the first month. You can enable the feature and set the discount when you add a commitment to advanced pricing options for the offer.
3.1 Other
1. A way to add a note to an order
2. An easier way to send quotes to new customers
3. A 1-click way for a distributor to manage the branding of email notifications sent from their sellers
4. Numerous optimizations and fixes for known issues

Release details

Title Description Who benefits?
Purchase order numbers Add a PO number to your contract and see it in invoice data for all subscriptions that were purchased under this contract. Seller, customer
Charge full commitment
amount upfront
When selling your own service, invoice the customer the full commitment amount in the first month. Vendor, MSP
Add order note After placing an order, any customer or seller can add a note to it for context or internal reference. Seller, customer
Send quotes to New users You can now send your first quote to the customer as soon as their user is invited to the platform – no need to wait for them to accept the invite via email. Seller, customer
Use the distributor’s
branding in all notifications from sellers
As a distributor, you can now require all notifications sent to customers from your sellers to use your branding. Distributor

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