Release Notes 121

What's new

Automatic offer provisioning integration for vendors/MSPs

If you sell your own services as a vendor or an MSP, you can now integrate your system to provision purchases and changes automatically:


  1. Create a JSON file with a sequence of API calls that your fulfillment system needs to exchange with the platform. Simply put, these are step-by-step instructions for how systems should exchange order data for things to "just work".
  2. Upload your file in the settings of your offer under "My products" section. If all your offers are provisioned in the exact same way, you can simply upload the file in a single place with your other vendor settings in the same section.
  3. Place an order with this offer and check if order details and the subscription look as expected in the platform. Also check that your system receives the data as planned. If there's a problem, adjust and reupload the file and try again.
You can find the guide for creating the automatic provisioning integration here.


New offers

The following highly-awaited products are now available to eligible partners:

  • Adobe for Enterprise. Prices include volume discounts based on customer's Account Level. Purchase 10 or more licenses during subscription term to save more as a VIP Marketplace member. Your discount will grow the more licenses you buy.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Pro-Edition.

Improved NCE price and billing tracking for partners

We created NCE pricelist report to include prices for NCE offers and help you verify your price settings as well as share your own current prices with the customer easily.


Our Reporting API now also makes building your own insights simpler:

  • Offers are now specified to be part of NCE, when applicable
  • Commitment period of NCE subscriptions is more explicitly stated

Activity history is back and better

Thanks to the great feedback from our partners we made various improvements to the activity history. You may have noticed it went missing for a moment while we worked on your feedback, but you can now find it once again:


  • Fixed a crash when you remove the last product category in the catalog as a seller.
  • Fixed a few broken "Edit offer" links for vendors in catalog.


These updates are available for you since  04.08.

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