Release Notes 69 & 70

This release contains major improvements in functionality, usability, and performance.
First, bundles received the biggest updates this time:
1. Vendors and MSPs can now easily ensure full status, country & industry compatibility between the bundle and the included offers, thanks to extra validations, warnings, and automatic rules that unpublish  and hide bundles with conflicts from customer catalogs.
2. Offers included in the bundle are configurable and renewable independently of each other. After the purchase, the subscription still appears and is managed as one on UI.
3. In invoices and reports each offer included in the subscription is shown independently (e.g. Bundle A: Offer 1 --- EUR X), because each of them can have its own billing cycle and amount that is different from other offers included in the same bundle.
4. The minimum commitment setting that we introduced for offers in the last release is now available for bundles too!
Second, we greatly improved the clarity and accuracy of the presentation of prices to the customer. The
user will now see the totals per each billing cycle selected when configuring the bundle during
checkout, reviewing the cart, or editing the subscription – e.g. EUR 200 once, EUR 50 monthly and
700 yearly.
Third, we optimized the way our subscription section works. The biggest takeaways are:
1. The list of subscriptions is now simplified. It now loads significantly faster and is much
easier to read!
2. Both the list of subscriptions and the page with subscription details are optimized to work for subscriptions with more variable and combined billing cycles.
3. If you purchased a bundle, the page with subscription details now allows you to see all offers the subscription includes. You can individually edit quantity and other properties for every included offer.
4. The button to view & select add-ons moved to the page with subscription details and is showing the number of active add-ons without you having to open the popup.
5. The number of assigned licenses is no longer displayed in the subscription list. Instead, when you open a subscription, you will see a warning that you have “X unassigned licenses” and a link to MS Partner Center.
6. When viewing the list of subscriptions, there is now a toggle for seller roles to switch between viewing customer prices and seller prices (In-price or Cost of Goods Sold).
7. There is a cleaner structure and better visual emphasis to bring the most important things you will need to keep track of on a daily basis to the front.
We also introduced two new notifications (remember to tweak recipients for to your liking in notification settings), made it easier for the distributor to manage prices, and resolved the issues reported by our customers in the last few weeks.

Title Description Who it is for?
Better bundles We drastically improved functionality for the bundles for vendors, MSPs, and sellers and user experience of customers and account managers who purchase them. Vendor, MSP,
Pending organization
approval notification
As a seller, you will now be notified when a new customer is created or synced and requires your approval before becoming fully active and capable of placing orders. Likewise, distributors
will now be notified when a new seller is created
and requires approval.
Offer trial expiry & notification We added a way for you as a vendor/MSP to set an expiry date or a limited duration for the trial service you onboard to your platform. Now, customers will be notified upon expiry and be suggested to check the parent product for the upgrade option. Vendor, MSP,
Conversion to customer’s
preferred currency in emails
We added currency conversion to all email notifications that show prices. Now, customers using their local currency will see prices in emails in their preferred currency. Seller,
Show prices for
offers/bundles with
multiple billing cycles
Customers and account managers will now see a much more accurate summary of recurring payments for the services before and after purchase. When a bundle, a cart or a subscription contains offers with different billing cycles, the
user will now see the totals per each billing cycle selected. E.g. EUR 200 once, EUR 50 monthly and 700 yearly.
section redesign
We greatly improved the whole Subscriptions section, both the list of all subscriptions the customer has as well as the detailed view of a
single subscription. For many users, it's one of the most frequently used sections, so we made it lighter, faster, simpler, and more functional.
Minimum commitment
setting for bundles
Last release we added an option to require a minimum commitment period of 1, 2 or 3 years
from customers upon purchase of all your offers.
Now, we added the same option for you to
choose for all bundles you create.
Vendor, MSP,
Distributor markup
for synced subscriptions
Distributors can now apply segment markup to all subscriptions that are synced into the platform during the initial on-boarding of the seller. This happens when the new seller is approved. Distributor


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