Release Notes 73

A major update is coming to vendors and MSPs! As a vendor or an MSP, you can now fully onboard your services via a complete end-to-end self-service:
1. Create your own products, offers, and add-ons 
2. Create bundles with services of other vendors
3. Define pricing (major upgrades too, see below) 
4. Create checkout forms for the customer to configure the service and provide all details required for provisioning
5. Publish your services and see them in the catalog
6. Manage them in the catalog as usual
7. Receive all necessary provisioning details by email after purchase
8. Update order status

To gain access to these tools please:
• Request access to product management capabilities by contacting (available under select Platform plans: Vendor Direct, Distributor, and Seller/MSP Professional).
• Give your employees a Product Manager role (an ex-Offer Portfolio Manager role under a new name and with extra permissions to manage your services).

Pricing plans
Major upgrades to pricing! Starting with this update, you can create:
1. A service with fixed pricing.
2. A service with advanced pricing (a.k.a. a pricing plan).
a. A service with tiered pricing (different unit prices for different quantity brackets).
b. A service that includes several components, each with a different billing cycle (for
example monthly + yearly, one-time fee + monthly, etc).
c. A service with variants or optional components that affect the price based on customer’s preference.

We are actively developing further upgrades to pricing plans to support much more complex
pricing models like long-term commitments, consumption-based pricing, and more. You will hear
more news in the upcoming releases.

Other notable changes are:
1. Simplified user role names:
a. Offer Portfolio Manager is now Product manager (as mentioned above)
b. CSP Partner Admin is now Seller admin
c. User is now Customer
d. User admin is now Customer admin

Title Description Who benefits?
Service onboarding & pricing plans Onboard your services with advanced pricing plans Vendor, MSP

Update to user roles

Supercharged Product manager role and updated names of other roles Vendor,
seller, MSP,
Inherit seller billing date from the distributor When onboarding a new seller as a distributor, its default billing date now matches the billing date of the distributor. Distributor,
Reset notification settings to default You can now reset all notification settings to default or reset notification recipients for a particular event. Distributor,
Change chat widget in Settings You can now add your own Puzzel-poweredn chat widget in Settings in addition to the previously available choices of your own Zendesk-powered widget and the default provided by AppXIte. Distributor,
Improvements to manual “Sync with Microsoft” action If the latest seller, customer, and subscription data is crucial mid-day, sync with Microsoft can now be manually triggered from Settings by
admins of all distributors and sellers every hour.

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