Release Notes 61, 62 & 63

In this release we have added some highly awaited capabilities for Sellers, Customers as well as Vendors and MSPs:

1. Better tools for managing your customers throughout their lifecycle.
2. Granular reporting for Google Cloud usage.
3. Ability to initiate immediate sync with Microsoft whenever needed.
4. Improved control over sales channels & partners.
5. Notifications for newly available/unavailable offers.

In addition to new features, we also resolved a few issues with data and interface our users reported, so you can expect a better, more stable overall experience.

Please see the full list of improvements below.

Features and fixes included in the release 

Title Description Who benefits?
Customer profile page improvements The new and improved customer organization profile page shows more relevant information and is easier to interact with. Seller,
Approve customer We added an explicit way to approve a newly created customer after their profile is reviewed and verified. Once you approve of them, they will be allowed to place orders. Seller
Block/unblock customer If you have a reason to temporarily suspend cooperation with a customer, you can now block their organization from their profile page. This stops all orders that are still in progress, cancels all your quotes pending their acceptance, and either keeps or cancels their existing subscriptions - you choose. Seller
Merge customers  If in the platform you ended up with several duplicates of the same organizations you have in your ERP system, you can simply merge them using the ERP field to maintain consistent data. The tenant and subscriptions will be moved to the right organization, and the now-empty duplicate will be deleted. Seller
Granular Google Cloud reporting We greatly improved Google Cloud reporting. You can now see detailed data on how much of each resource you consume per day. Seller,
"Sync with Microsoft" button Need to ensure that you have the very latest Microsoft subscription data for your customers NOW, in the middle of the day? Sure, just click "Sync with Microsoft" in your platform Settings. Seller
Default Sign-in option You can now choose the default sign-in method out of the several enabled in your platform options. This method will automatically be prefilled when you invite a new user, greatly reducing accidental mistakes and ensuring a smoother first bit of experience of your employee or customer with the platform. Seller
Quick link to organization you gained access to

We also added a direct link to the organization that you give another user access to so that they can immediately jump to it and complete their task.

Margins towards channel partners via SRP If you sell through channel partners, you can now set your margin using Suggested Retail Price as base. Distributor
Automatic user creation during channel partner
When you onboard your channel partner, the first admin user for their platform will now be created automatically. Same coming for customers soon! Distributor
Match you channel
partners' catalog to
If you sell through channel partners, you now have better control of which solutions they are able to offer to their customers. By default, the catalog will contain only the solutions you provide. Distributor
Notification when offer availability changes You will now immediately know when a new vendor offer becomes available for you to sell! We will also notify if the opposite happens. Seller
Better marketing materials editor for
We made it easier to create a nice landing page with a marketing description for your own offers. Vendor, MSP
Add multiple Terms
of use to an offer
You can now add multiple links to Terms of use for your offers for the customer to accept during
Vendor, MSP


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